Where it Matters: My Community

In big cities and small towns, in every community across America – from Washington, D.C., to Juneau, Alaska – local television stations provide their communities with unparalleled public service.

Your local channels bring you the news you need first – whether it be a tornado on a path to hit your area, Amber alerts that help locate a missing child in your neighborhood or warnings about a recent crime wave, your local news is where you turn first for critical and often life-saving information.

Because you can still get your local broadcast channels through an antenna even when the satellite or cable service goes out, many Americans find broadcast television is one of the only sources for information during emergencies. Station personnel typically work around the clock during times of disaster to be sure their viewers are informed of the situation, know how to stay safe and know when help is coming. And when the power goes out, Americans can still turn to battery operated televisions and radios for critical information.

Beyond informing viewers, local TV stations take an active role in the communities they serve, often sponsoring important public service events like coat drives, telethons for special community needs and covering blood drives to encourage viewers to donate life.

Local broadcasters – television and radio stations – are among the largest public service contributors – generating more than $10.3 billion in public service activity in a single year.

Your local TV stations employ friends and neighbors right in your community and have a vested interest in keeping their viewers connected and informed.

So while everyone loves to watch their favorite broadcast shows, it's also important to keep in mind the critical news and information you'd miss without your favorite local channels – lifesaving and breaking information that can't be replicated.

That's why it's vital that pay-TV companies give viewers what they want and what they need – access to their favorite local broadcast channels. Learn more about how to keep your favorite shows and local channels.